Saturday, January 19, 2008

Transfering Files From One Mac to Another Using Firewire

It is easy to transfer information between 2 Macintosh computers using only a firewire connection/cable. To start the connection, boot the first computer (with information you want to transfer or access) by holding down the T key. This boots the computer into firewire transfer mode and flashes a firewire symbol on its screen (to indicate the system is ready to operate in firewire transfer mode). Connect this Macintosh computer using a firewire cable to a second Mac computer. The first Mac computer’s hard drive (e.g., the one in T mode) will show up on the desktop of the second Mac just like any connected drive. Now you can drag and drop files from one Mac to the other. You can also use this procedure to restore a hard drive using a previously saved backup disk image.

Thanks to Bob Epp for this tip.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I had been getting really confused as to how to do all this, and this post has really cleared things up!


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