Friday, November 14, 2008

Publish A Book with Oprah's Help

Have you ever considered publishing:
  • A family history (a little text, lots of photos) or
  • A collection of your child’s baby pictures or
  • A hardcover of your child’s drawings or
  • A hardcover collection of student work (e.g. a hardcopy portfolio) or
  • A history of your company, department or organization with images and text?

If you’ve ever considered archiving images and text in a hardcover format that can be preserved on your bookcase, you have a chance to do so for almost free. Peter Walsh (an organization specialist; e.g., how to organize your home and your life) appeared on Oprah yesterday. As part of his appearance, SnapFish is offering a coupon (through today, Friday, November 14) which must be redeemed by Sunday November 16 that covers the production cost of an 8x11” custom cover photo book (20 pages). Check out for the details.

I’ve used other book publishers for this type of hardcover project but not SnapFish. Now’s your chance (and mine) to test them out and pay only shipping and handling.

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