Saturday, October 3, 2009

Embedding a YouTube Video in a PowerPoint Slideshow

The following steps walk you through embedding a YouTube video in a PowerPoint slideshow. Note that this approach only works when you have access to the internet (both during creation of the slideshow and playback). You can watch a YouTube video that demonstrates this process at The steps listed below draw heavily on the video by Laura Bergells of

  1. Be sure you have an active Internet connection.
  2. Open PowerPoint and be sure the Developer tab is visible.
  3. If Developer tab is not visible, go to the Office button (upper left corner), click on it and then select PowerPoint options (lower right of menu box that appears).
  4. Select Popular (left margin of menu box) and select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box.
  5. Select OK button.
  6. Add a new slide (can be any type or blank).
  7. Now that the Developer tab is visible, select it and select More Controls icon (looks like a crossed hammer and wrench).
  8. Scroll all the way down until you find the Shockwave Flash Object (the list is alphabetical), select it and click OK.
  9. Now draw with your cursor/mouse the rectangular area within which you want the video to appear.
  10. You can use the handles on the rectangle to resize the image size.
  11. Now go to YouTube and locate the video you want to include.
  12. When you find the video, go to the box that includes the URL and Embed tag.
  13. Select the entire URL and press Ctrl+C to copy the URL to the clipboard.
  14. Go back to PowerPoint and right click on the rectangle target area that you created in which to play the video.
  15. Select Properties from the menu that appears when you right click.
  16. In the Properties box that appears, click on box behind the Movie label and press Ctrl+V to paste the URL into that Properties field.
  17. Now you must edit the URL. Wherever you see “watch?” delete it.
  18. Wherever you see the equal sign (=) replace it with a slash (/).
  19. Still in the Properties box, if you don’t want the movie to loop, change the Loop setting to False.
  20. If you don’t want the movie to start playing automatically, change the Playing setting to False.
  21. When finished, close the Properties box.
  22. If you need to reposition the video, do so using the handles on the rectangle.
  23. Press F5 to preview.
  24. Click the play button (center of the screen image).
  25. Notice that you have access to the regular video controls to pause and restart the video as well as to adjust the volume.
  26. When the movie finishes, if you have additional slides, you can click to forward to the new slide.

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