Thursday, February 28, 2008

Warning, Forward to ALL Your Friends (Not Really!)

Have you ever received an email message about the following?
  • The postcard/greeting card virus or
  • Cell phone directory’s being made available to telemarketers or
  • An email plea to help find Ashley Flores a missing child or
  • A warning about bacteria on lemon wedges in restaurant water or
  • The 809 Area Code Scam or
  • The “Slow Dance” poem message (forward and the American Cancer Society will receive a donation) or
  • The Microsoft/Bill Gates/AOL Giveaway or
  • The ATM reverse PIN (summons police).
Only one is true and another partially true. You can check out or, but your options for verifying whether an email message is a hoax or a scam are not limited to those two sites. Take a look at which lists other Hoax/scam verifying sites...and have fun reading.

Remember, the most prolific SPAM generators are folks who forward untrue email messages warning their friends of impending dangers!

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