Friday, September 17, 2010

More about QR Codes

After yesterday’s mention of 2D or QR (Quick Response) Codes the logical question is how do I generate a QR Code? The answer is as easy as going to, entering your message and clicking the Qurify button. You’ll then have the option to download the code as a PNG or JPEG image, emailing the code to a friend or printing a hardcopy of one or more QR codes. The downloaded QR Code can be included in a document or web site or printed. There are numerous other sites that enable you to also generate QR Codes, just Google “create QR Code” and you’ll see a long list.

The code to the left is a message to all JCCC QR code readers. Below and to the left you’ll find a QR code that includes a URL with more information on QR Codes.

Why would you want to create QR Codes? QR Codes are readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera with a QR reader and SmartPhones. QR readers include apps like beetagg, i-nigma, Kaywa, and ZXing (most are free). The QR codes could be used to:

  1. Deliver text messages to students at specific points in their readings or course work,
  2. Identify and open web sites with supplemental readings,
  3. Include contact information (phone number),
  4. Send a prescribed SMS text message to a SMS service (such a subscribing to a SMS news update), or
  5. Share GEO (geographic) coordinates.

This is one case where innovation could be free! For more details, check out

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