Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beware Amazon Phishing Messages

Here I was checking email, minding my own business, and a confirmation came across for an Amazon.com order I didn’t make! I can tell it’s a fake (and they’re fishing for personal information) because:

  1. I have no outstanding order with Amazon for $73.99 (or any other amount).

  2. I moused over (but didn’t click) the links and my status bar shows an actual link that is NOT to any Amazon.com page.

  3. I went to Amazon.com (by typing the actual address, not using a link within the document), logged in, checked for any Open Orders and found none (I order a lot from Amazon and thought all orders had been received but wanted to double-check).

  4. I noticed that the “Thanks for the Order” didn’t include any mention of what I ordered (and Amazon’s invoice/confirmation always does).

So be forewarned. Even if you get email from a company with whom you do business, if ANYTHING seems fishy, don’t use links in the email but go direct to the site to verify the order, the communication or whatever it is. Be cautious. It pays.

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