Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tip: Buying a Car with Data

In the market to buy a new car? It’s the one activity that can make strong men and women weak in the knees. Why? Because no one (in today’s economy) can afford to overpay and everyone feels at a disadvantage in a car show room. What should you pay for a new car? What’s the average sticker price? Is the negotiated amount or sticker price a great price, a good price and a rip-off?

What if one site existed that could help you calculate the “True Cost” (what a dealer paid for the car including discounts and holdbacks…an amount typically less than factory invoice) and the “True Average” (that is, the average cost of a car in your zip code, your region and the country as a whole)?

If such a site sounds helpful, check out http://www.truecar.com, print the page, take it to the dealer and you’ve got your “buyer’s ammunition” in your hands.

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