Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Institute on Distance Learning & Instructional Technology (SIDLIT)

It’s been a while since I posted a tip and my only valid excuse is that the Ed Tech Center (including this writer) have been feverishly preparing for SIDLIT (Summer Institute on Distance Learning & Instructional Technology). The conference ran Thursday and Friday, July 30-31, 2009 and now it is history.

It's always a period of readjustment when SIDLIT is over. We spend so much time planning and building toward the event, followed by a sigh of relief (and an emotional letdown) when it’s over. Can you believe that we’ve been doing this for 10 years and we’ve grown from 50 attendees the first year to around 400 this year?

For those who attended, if you can’t quite let go yet and want to relive some of SIDLIT through a history of tweets, check out (visibletweets of SIDLIT postings and those with the #sidlit hash tag).

If interested in a sampling of the sessions, you can visit Rob Gibson’s “Integrating Social Networking & Web 2.0 Applications into eLearning” slideshow at or Paul Decelles’ session on “Science Simulations for Students in Second Life” at or Aaron Sumner’s presentation on “Quick Application Development with Web Frameworks” at More presentations will be available shortly on JCCC’s ScholarSpace site (I'll alert you when they're ready).

For now, we can start planning for SIDLIT 2010. Thanks to all presenters, committee volunteers and sponsors for supporting year 10 of this endeavor.

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Anonymous said...

Please avoid using tiny urls when you have the luxury of a long post. They obscure the destination url and add another potential barrier to getting to the info. What if tinyurl goes out of business? You'll be stuck with dead links.

In Twitter it's a necessary evil, but it's bad practice everywhere else.

Sorry, /soapbox.

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